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The "Fioro from Levante" was presented to the Greek public during two theatrical seasons, in 2008 and in 2009.

This play met a great commercial and artistic success both in Athens and during the summer when the play was presented all around Greece in the summer festivals.


The Fioro from Levante is all about the personal story of a Zakinthian, who is smart, innocent and a ”do it all” man, a man for all jobs! His only fear is the continues shaking of Zante from earthquakes! Lots of shaking master, lots of shaking…!! So one beautiful sunny day, he leaves both his mother and his beloved Zante behind , and bringing with him his inseparable guitar he goes to Athens. He is going to work as a supervisor of the domestic staff of Mr. Valdis.

Mr. Valdis is a career lawyer in Athens. In his personal life he deals with with a mother in law, a mistress, two daughters and prospective sons in law who get in and out of the house pretending they want to rent a room in his house. In this chaotic environment Nionios, the newly arived supervisor from Zante, is expected to put some order in the chaos! At first, Nionos is flabergusted….but as time goes by he manages to become very necessary for all involved. He managed to become from supervisor to master himself as he knows all the little secrets of the real master! But….he suddenly becomes homesick! He can no longer stand the noisy, chaotic and stressful life of a big city. He cannot stand it anymore!

So one beautiful sunny day………….!

Gregorios Xenopoulos is the first theatrical play writer in modern Greece. He has written numerous plays with themes taken from the contemporary life of Greek society. He wrote the Fioro from Levante in 1914 and he considered it one of his best plays. His characters are very real, very contemporary and everybody can associate with them. It like the Greece of the past meets Greece of the present.



Direction: K. Tsianos
Staging: G. Gavalas
Costumes: Y. Metzikof
Music: P. Kalatzopoulos
Choreography: F. Evaggelinos
Lights: A. Bellis

The Actors:

S. Papadopoulos, H. Sozos, Ch. Alexanian, E. Moumouris, M. Vamvaka, A. Bouras, D. Giannopoulou, E. Apostolopoulou, A. Economakou, S. Petsos, K. Famis.


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