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Margarita Stefa

                                                                                                  Margarita Stefa

In this novel Xenopoulos writes about the tender and truthful love of two young people..............

The Red Rock


                                                                                                  Kokkinos Vraxos

A love commencing like a warm smile is abruptly transformed into a catalytic strength.


The World and Kosmas

                                                                                                 Κοσμος και Κοσμας

Man’s honor and Human honor, these two eternal human problems give Xenopoulos his masterpiece

The Secret Engagement

                                                                                                   clip image001

The Secret Engagement is one of the writer’s purely erotic novels, being a true story of the loveliest erotic correspondence ever to be written.

Honorable and Dishonorable People

                                                                                                  Τιμιοι και Ατιμοι

There are two kinds of honorable and dishonorable people. Someone who is honorable under certain circumstances can still be dishonorable,

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